JayDirex Fiction

Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?

An assassination romance about a generous high school teacher who’s forced to make criminal decisions for the sake of a mysterious female student, all while crossing a violent mob boss who wants him dead. Tags: Crime, Romance, Math problems, Jealous girls, High School, Assassin, Gangster, Mature


Rica Wants Him Dead The next story after Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan.

Assassin Ko is the best in the business. But after rescuing a Korean mob boss’s five year old daughter from kidnappers he finds himself a hunted man in NYC. Now on the run and desperate to protect the child, Ko discovers there’s only one person in the city willing to help him:The beautiful and deadly rifle girl RICA REYES. A villainous teen assassin from Ko’s past, who once tried to kill him.

Out of options he’s forced to trust Rica and accept her aid. But Ko is no fool, and he knows Rica’s price for her help is…everything.

Tsundere, Teen Romance, Light Novel, Original Light Novel, Young Adult, YA, Romance, Crime, Assassins,

MANGA COMICS! The Outlaw Sisters Bad Tara and Kitty (based on the film Bad Tara)



Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl Rica Reyes

Rica Reyes: Eleven year old “baby villain” in training and main character of the Rifle Girl short stories and web novels. Rica is a fun loving, bad tempered, super cute rifle prodigy, who navigates middle school life, pre-teen romance and her underworld job of protecting clients and eliminating threats. (cover art by Rhea)


Swords of Eres

School life, romance, and sword play in this Sci-Fi adventure.
Motorcycle riding high school kid Rylan lives right and takes care of his baby sister Chloe. But one day a transdimensional gate opens on his front yard, and a beautiful sword wielding outlaw named Anya enters this world.

Now Rylan’s school life is turned upside down as he is pursued by Anya, who covets his ability to open Transdimensional Gates. Rylan’s only hope against outlaw Anya are twin teenage bounty hunters, Maya and Leif, who’ve crossed into this world on a mission to return Anya to their planet dead or alive.



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