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Hello, I’m Jay Direx  ^_^ nice to meet you!

I write films, manga and stories starring dangerous Tsundere female leads. My stories are influenced by early-eighties American crime cinema and Japanese anime.

Please feel free to read or watch any title below. And I would feel honored if you left a comment for me. ^_^ Contact me: CrimecinemaATgmail

Below are three web titles Bad girl Rica Reyes is the main character of the rifle girl short stories and web novels. Rica’s a fun loving, bad tempered, teenaged baby contractor who navigates school life, teen romance and criminal odd jobs.

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Assassin Type: The Rifle Girl- Rica Reyes

Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?

Rica Wants Him Dead

Rica Wants Him Dead 500


Swords of Eres: Web Novel, Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi, Young Adult.


It’s school life, romance, sex and sword play in this Sci-Fi adventure.
Motorcycle riding high school kid Rylan lives right and takes care of his baby sister Chloe. But one day a transdimensional gate opens on his front yard, and a beautiful sword wielding outlaw named Anya enters this world.

Now Rylan’s school life is turned upside down as he is pursued by Anya, who covets his “Transdimensional Gate” opening abilities. Rylan’s only hope against Anya are twin teenage bounty hunters, Maya and Leif, who’ve crossed into this world on a mission to return outlaw Anya to their planet dead or alive.

Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Categories: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Mature , Romance , School Life , Sci-Fi , Slice of Life , Original ,

The Rifle Girl Rica Reyes: Web Novels and Short Stories. no-scratch-weapon-in-hand-web-true-900Bad girl Rica Reyes is the main character of the rifle girl short stories and web novels. Rica is a fun loving, bad tempered, teenage contractor who navigates school life, romance, and criminal odd jobs. All while being raised by her mother, the notorious assassin, The Villain Reyna Rai.

Bad Tara Full Film and Manga Comics bad-tara-posterA CRAZY week in the life of THE WILD RABBIT 兔 BAD TARA – a bad tempered one hundred pound gangster with a fearsome reputation on the streets for efficiency and brutality. Bad Tara’s past catches up to her when a contractor comes gunning for her and a woman linked to someone in Tara’s past. Now Tara has to deal with cops, bosses and mystery ladies all while trying to find out who wants her dead. Starring Celia Au as Bad Tara

The Devil Her Due
devil-her-due-movie-posterA fast paced action short film about a bounty killer named Reyna 鬼 Rai who alters the deal of a contract she makes. Starring Thuy Ho as The Villain Reyna 鬼 Rai.